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Our mission at Egrow is simple: we want to be your ultimate partner in selling. No matter where you are in your journey or where you are in the world, you can count on the Egrow team to help guide you through the FBA selling process.

Egrow started in 2016 as an idea created by two close friends: Florian and Anton. At the time, Amazon FBA was growing in popularity, but there weren’t many tools available to facilitate the process. As an IT student and entrepreneur at the time, Florian saw a chance to help fellow aspiring business owners. One year later, Egrow grew into an innovative and efficient software that helps entrepreneurs start their ecommerce businesses and continue to grow them, too.

Today, our team works with Amazon sellers across the globe, ensuring every unique user gets the help they need. Our all-in-one software analyzes daily scanned products, niches, keywords, and the Amazon marketplace as a whole, so you can have a well-rounded FBA selling plan that meets all your unique wants and needs.

While the services we provide are priceless, we make it a priority to offer cost-effective packages that are customized to match your specific selling goals. That includes a completely free plan that you can keep as long as you want. If you’re ready to start dominating on Amazon, sign up today.

Start Your Amazon FBA journey with Egrow today. Our team will help you find viable products to sell, optimize your Amazon listings, manage your sales plans, and more.

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