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Egrow is all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. On a daily basis it analyzes millions of products in the Amazon marketplace and aggregates sales data in easy-to-understand charts and panels. It will save your time in market analysis and help you find products you can easily sell.

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7 Powerful Tools Inside 1 Member Area + Amazon Chrome Extension

For one single price, you can have everything you need to take your Amazon business to the next level. If you are just starting out and want to search and validate product ideas, or you are already in the game and want to monitor your progress and reverse-engineer your top competitors, Egrow is all you need.

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How Egrow Can Give You an Edge in the Amazon Marketplace

Selling through Amazon provides you with exposure that you can’t find anywhere else. However, with that exposure comes a lot more competition. Rather than navigating this vast online marketplace by yourself, turn to the power of Egrow. Nowadays, consumers are smarter than ever before, which means you need to be, too. Our all-in-one software is the single thing you need as an Amazon seller to make your business successful and sustainable year over year.


Our seven powerful tools are blended into one succinct software to provide all the data you need on viable products, competitors, and buyers. Egrow can make you a better seller by helping you:

Learn More About Your Target Audience

Our extensive product database gives you access to millions of products and lets you sort, filter, and discover successful sales. Check out what your potential buyers are looking at, so you can seize great selling opportunities as they arise.

With our databases, you’ll also have access to a live Amazon scanner, which performs realtime keyword research and pulls useful data about what your buyers are looking at online.

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Know How to Reach Your Buyers

Our keyword and niche research tool will guide you to key phrases that have low competition but sufficient sales volume. That means you can rank your products without wasting extra time or money.

For an extra leg-up, you can use our Reverse ASIN Research tool to find highly ranked keywords that your competition is using and our Rank Tracker to keep tabs on their top key phrases.

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Sell More Products Efficiently

Organizing your products has never been easier with our Product Tracker and Saved Searches feature. Enter any item into our system, and we’ll provide relevant data to help you access, monitor, and organize your most profitable products.

With our software in your toolbox, you can compare different groups of products based on keywords, sales, and other important metrics, so you can make smart sales decisions daily

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When you choose Egrow as your partner in selling, you can receive accurate sales data every day. Our system is user-friendly and highly intuitive, so you’ll enjoy stress-free selling for years to come! For one single price, you can have the ability to grow your business from the ground up within a single application.

Still on the fence? Try out our free plan for an extended trial period. You’ll gain partial access to our product databases, so you can make an informed decision when you’re ready. Egrow will help you gain deep insights from millions of Amazon products every day, and it pays for itself in your return on investment. Sign up today for free and see for yourself!

Thousands of top Amazon sellers are using Egrow to launch winning products on Amazon

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Egrow help me as an Amazon seller?

Egrow is a web-based software tool which helps you to research Amazon marketplaces and find profitable markets and products.

How is Egrow different or better than similar Amazon market-research tools?

  • - It provides highly accurate estimated sales data.
  • - It offers the biggest database of daily-scanned products from Amazon.
  • - It is super-fast.
  • - It has preloaded keywords with organic positioning for Amazon search results.
  • - Egrow's user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • - All the workflow happens within one application - no need for other browser extensions or tools.
  • - You can access up to 90 days of product history changes (sales, price, review, keywords...).

Does the Free Plan have any hidden costs or limits?

The Free Plan is completely free to register and to use. No hidden fees at all. It offers you access to half of our product database and 7 days of history data. Some special features are limited; nevertheless you will still get a lot of insight about what is selling on Amazon.

Does Egrow include international Amazon marketplaces (like .DE, .UK, .CA, etc.)?

The current version is developed and optimized for Amazon USA (.COM), Germany (.DE), India (.IN), United Kingdom (.CO.UK), Canada (.CA), France (.FR), Italy (.IT), Australia (.COM.AU), Spain (.ES), Turkey (.COM.TR), Brazil (.COM.BR), United Arab Emirates (.AE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (.SA) markets. Additional markets will be added in the future and after every update the price of the tool for new users will increase. However, existing members will continue to pay the same price and will not be charged more for the updates.

Is it possible to test or preview Egrow before buying it?

Yes, you can register a free account and try out all of Egrow’s powerful features. If you are happy with it, you can easily upgrade your plan and keep all of your personal data.

Is there any training that will teach me how to run an Amazon FBA business?

Egrow's YouTube channel provides viewers with videos discussing best practices for running an Amazon FBA business. If you have specific questions that are not addressed on the channel please contact us and we would be happy provide you with additional resources and training materials.

Gain deep insights from millions ofAmazon products scanned daily.

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