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"Keyword & Niche Research Tool" is part of the Egrow online software for Amazon Sellers

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On request of Egrow’s community we have developed a powerful tool for AMZ sellers as an alternative to old fashion tools such as Merchant Words, Sellics, Sonar, Keywordinspector, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, etc...

With the main focus on Value and Quality of ­ Data we are introducing a complete new approach to Amazon product research and product optimization process.

The difference to what we call “old fashion tools” is the way how Egrow calculates and presents data that are of high value in the AMZ business.


Other tools are based on “Search Volume” and even if some of them claim it as Amazon Search Volume, truth is that it is Google Search Volume. Amazon itself has never provided any access to information about how many searches any keywords have. Technically it is impossible to find out what users are searching on a remote website, and non-techy users are easy to trick into presenting data as “Amazon Search Volume”.

With Egrow’s “KW & Niche Research Tool” you still have access to the Search Volume from Google. Nevertheless, we believe that the metric is not reliable in the ecommerce business as the fact about how many searches some keyword has on the Google search engine, very often has nothing to do with number of sales at the Amazon marketplace. Another problem is that information about the keyword (product) popularity from the perspective of the search volume is not enough to make a reasonable conclusion from the business side. E.g. some product could have a high search volume but due the fact that listings in Amazon are not well optimized or have bad reviews, that product might have a low amount of sales. Another product which has less searches might have more sales because of a good listing, photos, price and reviews.

That is why it is important to look at the entire picture in the product and keyword research process - Price, Reviews, Sales, Number of Competitors...

How Egrow’s Keyword Algorithm Works

For each keyword in our database, we scan the top 10 products in the Amazon search results. Then for each of them we pull listing information such as Best Seller Rank, Number of Reviews, Price, Est. Monthly Sales...

In the final step we calculate average values for all top 10 listings and include the Google Search Volume and the total number of products in Amazon for that specific keyword.

All this information combined presents a much clearer picture for each keyword and its potential in terms of sales power, competitors, price, etc.

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