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As your virtual business partner, Egrow™ is committed to listening to your FBA selling needs and adjusting our services accordingly. One of these newer developments is our Keyword and Niche Research Tool. Our main focus is on the quality and value of the data we give to you. With our toolset, you can find viable keywords with low competition and sufficient sales volume, so you can rank products with ease.

What Makes Our Keyword and Niche Research Tool Different?

To fully grasp why this tool is so important, you have to understand how other similar tools work. Most keyword tools are based on search volume from Google - not Amazon. Amazon itself has never provided access to information about keywords in their system, so Google is the next best thing to look at.

However, this comes with some setbacks. Most keywords found on search engines have nothing to do with the number of sales on Amazon. Just because a product is popular, doesn’t necessarily mean it has impressive sales volume. Since Amazon simply doesn’t provide information on their users’ keywords, the Egrow™ Keyword and Niche Research is also based off search volume data from Google.

The difference?

We take it a step further to give you a look at the bigger picture, so you can analyze more reliable data for your business. We provide key values for average price, number of reviews, sales, number of competitors, and more.


How Does it Work?

The point of this tool is to help you generate keyword ideas and find promising niches for your Amazon FBA business. We do this by pulling valuable data on top keywords and pull the listing information for the top products in the Amazon search results, so you can view valuable data about everything that is relevant to your business.

Here are three ways you can utilize this tool:

Keyword Research

If you have a specific keyword in mind, you can simply type it into the search bar. When you do this, you’ll get results for related key terms, so you can continue expanding your search with more well-rounded results.


Niche Research

If you’d rather take a look at broad keyword categories, you can use the niche section of this tool. Here, you can adjust your desired ranges for price, number of reviews, and estimated sales and view all the keywords that fall within your search.


Keyword-Niche Research

For even more narrow results, you can type in your desired keyword and set parameters on the niche side. The best part about this tool is you can be as broad or as specific as you’d like in your search. That’s what makes this so useful for new sellers and seasoned experts alike.


One last thing…

If you’ve found an interesting keyword and you want to view all the top selling products related to it, you can simply click on the small magnifying glass icon and search in the Live Amazon Scanner. From here, you can pull data directly from Amazon.


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