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Looking for a product in our database? While Egrow™ has collected information on millions of Amazon products over the years, we won’t have them all right away. Luckily, you have a simple and efficient way to fix that. If you can’t find a certain product page within the Egrow™ database, add it to your Product Tracker and we’ll begin collecting data on it. Within 24 hours, we’ll have all the relevant information ready for you to analyze!

Here’s how the Egrow™ Amazon Product Tracker can help you organize new FBA products and track their progress overtime:

Put a Product into the Product Tracker

To add a product into the Product Tracker, you simply have to type in the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or copy and paste the product URL into the “Add Products” section. No matter which you choose to input, it will automatically be converted into an ASIN.


Add Relevant Product Tags

Once your product(s) are in the Product Tracker, you can add tags to better identify them once they are among the bigger list of similar products. Tags can include the categories and subcategories each product belongs to or other relevant keywords that will help keep you organized.


Sort Products in Your Tracker

From there, your newly tagged products will be added to the list, and Egrow™ will begin scraping for relevant data. Inside your Product Tracker, you’ll probably have a handful of different items that you’re keeping an eye on. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to sort them all so you don’t go crazy as you research.

You can sort by tags, sales per month, LQS (Listing Quality Score), number of reviews, number of sellers, revenue, and more. In the top corner, you can add new filters that are not automatically shown, as well.


Reading Product Charts

If you need to take a better look at any numerical values, check out the chart associated with each product. Egrow™ provides a bunch of important information in an easy-to-read format, so you can make informed decisions for your business. As the user, you are able to include or exclude different values including the price, inventory, reviews, rating, estimated sales, and BSR (Best Seller Rank). All you have to do is click the value, and it will appear on the corresponding graph!

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