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Monthly packages: 29€/month for Standard, 34€/month for Plus, 44€/month for Premium

Yearly packages: 17€/month for Standard, 21€/month for Plus, 29€/month for Premium

After serving next 100 members, we will increase our prices gradually, and clients who joined at discounted rates will keep them as long as they stay subscribed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Egrow help me as an Amazon seller?

Egrow is a web-based software tool which helps you to research Amazon marketplaces and find profitable markets and products.

How is Egrow different or better than similar Amazon market-research tools?

  • - It provides highly accurate estimated sales data.
  • - It offers the biggest database of daily-scanned products from Amazon.
  • - It is super-fast.
  • - It has preloaded keywords with organic positioning for Amazon search results.
  • - Egrow's user interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  • - All the workflow happens within one application - no need for other browser extensions or tools.
  • - You can access up to 90 days of product history changes (sales, price, review, keywords...).

Does the Free Plan have any hidden costs or limits?

The Free Plan is completely free to register and to use. No hidden fees at all. It offers you access to half of our product database and 7 days of history data. Some special features are limited; nevertheless you will still get a lot of insight about what is selling on Amazon.

Does Egrow include international Amazon marketplaces (like .DE, .UK, .CA, etc.)?

The current version is developed and optimized for Amazon USA (.COM), Germany (.DE), India (.IN), United Kingdom (.CO.UK), Canada (.CA), France (.FR), Italy (.IT), Australia (.COM.AU), Spain (.ES), Turkey (.COM.TR), Brazil (.COM.BR), United Arab Emirates (.AE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (.SA) markets. Additional markets will be added in the future and after every update the price of the tool for new users will increase. However, existing members will continue to pay the same price and will not be charged more for the updates.

Is it possible to test or preview Egrow before buying it?

Yes, you can register a free account and try out all of Egrow’s powerful features. If you are happy with it, you can easily upgrade your plan and keep all of your personal data.

Is there any training that will teach me how to run an Amazon FBA business?

Egrow's YouTube channel provides viewers with videos discussing best practices for running an Amazon FBA business. If you have specific questions that are not addressed on the channel please contact us and we would be happy provide you with additional resources and training materials.

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