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#1 Product Database

Access and sort millions of Amazon products scanned daily. We offer advanced filters so you can keep track of successful sales, identify the right niche for your new business, and take advantage of great opportunities every day.

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#2 Live Amazon Scanner

Pull data from Amazon and run keyword scans in real time. No need for external browser extensions - Egrow does all the work for you from one place.

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#3 Product Tracker

Can't find a product in our database? Add it to the product tracker and request its daily scrapping. Within 24 hours, Egrow will start collecting relevant data on products of your choice. Use this tool to retrieve information, monitor metrics, and organize products for maximum efficiency.

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#4 Keyword & Niche Research Tool

Find keywords that have low competition and sufficient sales volume so you can rank your products faster without breaking the bank. This resource is the perfect blend of traditional keyword generators and niche hunter tools.

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#5 Reverse ASIN Research

Track the top keywords for products that rank in organic search results on Amazon. Simply enter an ASIN or product URL and hit "Go." From there, you can browse lists of keywords and track important metrics for each.

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#6 Rank Tracker

Track keyword rankings for you and your competitors in Amazon search results. Get the most accurate keyword rankings and daily updates on marketplace changes so you can see how your rankings are evolving over time.

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#7 Index Checker

Not showing up in Amazon search results is just as bad as not being listed at all. With Index Checker, you can quickly see if your products are indexed or not ranking.

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#8 Listing Optimizer

Get ahead of competitors in Amazon search results pages with a great title, description, and images for each item that's listed on there!

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#9 Listing Analyzer

With the Listing Analyzer, you can optimize your listing for better rankings and sales in a single click.

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#10 Product Alerts

The Alerts Tool is an advanced tool that keeps you informed of any important changes. You'll can sleep better knowing that your Amazon listing is protected.

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#11 Review Automator

Are you tired of requesting reviews manually? Amazon Review Automator takes this task off your hands! With just a single click, the tool automatically requests reviews from all your buyers

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Use customizable filters to perform unique Amazon product searches directly from our database.

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Historical Changes in Data

Track changes on Amazon over the last 90 days in bestseller rankings, sales, prices, and much more.

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Category and Keyword Rankings

View updated product rankings for a variety of categories and keywords directly from Egrow.

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