Get Amazon Product Details and Keyword Rankings using Egrow's API

Egrow offers an API that can be used to retrieve organic and sponsored keyword rankings as well as product details from Amazon. You simply provide us the keywords or products you want to have analyzed and we start collecting data right away. We at Egrow collect reliable and daily data that will help you in making profound business decisions. You will be able to analyze your listings and the ones from your competitors to better understand the ranking behavior of your products.

Millions of Amazon Products

To be able to sell successfully on Amazon it is crucial to know your competitors' products. Usually, you have product information about your listings, such as amount of reviews, average rating, product price or BSR. Nevertheless, to have easy access to those metrics without visiting the actual amazon page is what can make the difference especially if you want to analyze and track multiple products at the same time. We are improving the scraper to collect the product's information on a daily basis to provide you with a stable and reliable data access.

Analyze Keyword Rankings

Everybody who does Amazon PPC knows how important it is to know product rankings both organic and sponsored. Not only it is important to track your own keywords and its rankings but also to track the keywords of your competition. Those will help you understand better the niche you are ranking for and will allow you to react accordingly to outsmart your competitors.

Tailored Business Requirements

We understand that every business has its requirements and nuances. This is why we always suggest to contact us directly. This way we can work out a solution which fits your needs, both in terms of technical specifications and financial aspects. Our API supports mainly json but can be adapted to any format that you require.

Thousands of top Amazon sellers use Egrow to launch successful products on Amazon